How to Style a Home Office

It’s that time of year again…back to school. Even if you aren’t going back to school yourself nor have kids that you are prepping, this time of year always seems to bring a sense of renewed energy to organize and start fresh. But with the increased use of laptops/smart phones/tablets, work is always with you, so who really needs a home office? We have to politely disagree. It’s not just about having your work, you need a designated space to get into a work mindset and be able to think. Plus, believe or not, there are still some things that need to be kept analog – you can’t exactly keep just an electronic file of your birth certificate, passport, taxes, etc. so it’s important to have a dedicated space for these things.

But the first thing you have to do is create a space you’ll actually want to spend time in. We’ve pulled together some examples of our favorite home offices and give you tips on how to personalize your space.

1)      Practicality: Know what you are going to be using your home office for and build around that purpose. Whether you are writing the next great American novel, running a small business, or just paying your bills your office needs to work for you. Have plenty of space, storage, and electrical outlets.


 Plenty of drawers and baskets to keep everything in place. 2-pc Down Home Desk Set


Even if your desk doesn’t have lots of drawers, it’s easy to build storage around you with floating shelves and bookcases. 


2)      Choose your style: The last thing you want is a sterile office. If it looks like a cubicle and talks like a cubicle…well you know the saying (or something like that). Offices don’t have to be boring; there are tons of styles, colors, and materials to choose from to help inspire creative thinking.


A traditional, executive style home office. Mayor’s Office Desk


A home office doesn’t need to be a whole room; this is a great example of a small space with lots of feminine style.


A great example of sleek industrial style. 5-pc Structure Home Office Set 


3)      Lighting: You’ve heard plenty of times before that lighting helps create a mood. In your home office, you’ll want a bright space so that you can stay alert and want to continue working. Natural lighting is best but if that’s not an option choose a compact fluorescent lightbulb in a warm or neutral color. Be sure you don’t choose a lightbulb with a higher wattage than your lamp can handle.


 Plenty of windows and overhead lights make this office good for working during the day or late at night. 7-pc Camden Light Desk Set

ImageLamps, overhead lighting, windows, and a desk lamp allow you to choose the right setting for the time of day. 


4)      Personal Touches: Remind yourself of your goals. Whether it’s keeping books of authors who you admire, hanging photos of places you want to travel, or going full-on inspiration board, choose objects that you are going to want to be around. 

ImageSimple desk and chair but brightened up with lots of artwork.


Don’t be afraid to use unconventional accessories – if it’s what you like, you’ll be more apt to actually use your office. 


Or use a cork board wall so it’s easy to continuously change out what you display because inspiration is constantly evolving.

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