Brand Overview: Turnkey Products

Turnkey Products is one of the newest brands that can be found at Home Gallery Stores. The brand offers a variety of stylish home office furniture with many features, including adjustable height home office desks. These desks from Turnkey Products will ensure your home office is not only stylish, but comfortable. Want the option of a standing desk? Check out Turnkey Products’ Sit N’ Stand Collection, which features desks that extend from 30″ for sitting to 46″ for standing.


Turnkey Products Sit N’ Stand Collection

No matter what style your home is, Turnkey Products’ wide selection of finishes will allow you to find home office desks, chairs, bookcases and more that will match perfectly. If you are looking to furnish a traditional home office, the Winsome Collection and Provincial Homestead Collection are perfect options with their timeless styles and rich finishes. Looking for something more contemporary? The Geo Collection is an excellent choice, which includes sleek chrome-framed desks with tempered glass tops. If you are shopping for industrial style home office furniture, the Artisan Revival Collection is a terrific option, which features pieces with zinc-finished metal detailing.


Turnkey Products Artisan Revival Collection

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Selecting the Best Desk Chair

Hekman Black Executive Leather Office Chair

The type of desk chair you choose for your home office will make a major impact. Each type of desk chair has different features that are suited for a variety of lifestyles.

Some office chairs have basic swivel and height adjustment functions, while others have additional support for for the head, neck and lower back. Read about the different types and qualities of desk chairs here.

5 Types of Desks: Find Your Perfect Fit


Riverside Promenade Writing Desk

In order to determine which type of home office desk is the best option, it is essential to look at as many desk designs as possible. Desks come in many shapes and sizes, and you will want to find one that can provide you with a combination of productivity and comfort.

Five types of home office desks to look at are writing desks, executive desks, secretary desks, computer desks and corner desks. Read more on these different types of home office desks here.


Settees: Styles And Uses For Every Room

Traditional Settee

Settees are both stylish and functional – they can instantly dress up any room, while providing seating for up to 3 people. You can find a settee in any style, ranging from formal and traditional, to sleek and contemporary, and everything in between.

There are many different types of uses for settees. You can use a settee to provide additional seating in a living room or dining room, or as a bench at the foot of a bed. Find out more about settee styles and uses here.

How to Select a Bookcase

Riverside Leaning Bookcase


Want to choose the right bookcase for your home office or living room? It is necessary to research different bookcase shapes, sizes and styles to choose the one that will best fit your lifestyle.

Some things you will want to keep in mind are the amount of books and other items you need to store, and the type of room you will put your bookcase in. Read more about the qualities of different bookcase types and designs here.